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Fundamental Factors to Consider in Extending a Property


Real estate is always going to be that one rare type of asset whose value doesn’t depreciate over time. Hence, when you’re extending your property, it’s definitely a long-term investment.

In this read, we’re going to talk about some of the fundamental factors to consider in extending a property.

Residential or Commercial?

You won’t be able to extend a skyscraper, unless with an extreme budget. But even when it comes to relatively smaller commercial properties such as pizzerias taco shops, and even some bars, they just might be able to be generalized as a version of residential properties.

But the bottom line is that there’s a clear difference between any residential and commercial property and the type always matters.

Whether It’s Horizontal or Vertical

the value of a two-story house is always going to be more than the value of a single-story house. This is why most of the residential extensions are of the vertical type. when it comes to commercial extensions, having a second story is always going to increase the square foot area. while you can always extend the property horizontally, you might have to think about the land that can be used for that.

If It Would Require Cutting Trees Down

whether it was a horizontal or vertical extension, sometimes some trees have to be cut down. when you’re doing that, there are some occasions when you need permits from the City Council. in these occasions, it’s better to hire professionals to do the job.

The Choice of the Designer

technically speaking, you’re going to add an extra part to an existing property. this addition should never be done without professional interference. after all, you wouldn’t want your property to look odd following a property extension done without a design. Hence be sure to hire a designer and disclose all the fundamental needs that you are looking to fulfill from the design.

Location of Residing During the Extension

Usually, property extensions only take place at a certain area of a property when they’re being done horizontally. But when they’re done vertically, you won’t be able to reside on the lower floor. If It was a commercial property, it’s always better to close the premises temporarily until the home extension melbourne is fully completed.

Should it Be an Extension + Renovation

Why stop and just extend your property when you can completely redo the entire property as a whole following the extension. But doing this with two different companies would make things a bit more complicated. Thus, choosing a service provider that both renovates and extends properties would be the ideal choice.

Decisions on the MEP Layout

If the walls of the property are the flesh, water pipes would be the blood veins and the electrical conduits would be the neurons. Although our general recommendation is not to change the layout, you might want to go for a complete makeover due to the nature of the completed renovation; all of that depends on the professional consultation.

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