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How to Prepare Your House for Sale


The appearance and the quality of the house matters a lot when it comes to selling it. If you want to sell your house fast, for a better sum, then there are some steps you need to take. This include a clean-up of the inside and the outside of the house, managing the interior space of the house and repairing the house. Here are some tips on how to carry on all these tasks.

Exterior Look

First impressions matter a lot and therefore the exterior appearance of the house has to be appealing. The first impression about the house influences the potential buyers’ decision. Take a good look at the house from outside and you will see the areas that needs repairing or cleaning. Clean out the gutters, repaint the window frames and the doors. Make sure to clean your garden; removing all the weeds and overgrown shrubs and mowing the lawn. Clean out any accumulated water. For a more outstanding look, try painting the outer walls of the house.


Too much items lying around the house will certainly make it look unkempt. This includes all the books, newspapers and magazines collected over a time, appliances you never use anymore, CDs and DVDs, posters and other items hung on the walls of your children’s rooms. If you are planning to sell your house then remove these items either by throwing them away, donating them or arranging a yard sale to get rid of them. But if you still want to keep them, store them neatly in a closet or rent storage space to store them temporarily.


Now that you have taken away all the unnecessary items off your shelves and walls, it is time to clean up the house.  Dust the shelves, countertops, furniture and the skirting boards, polish the windows, taps and mirrors, get rid of the cobwebs, vacuum your floors, clean the tile grout and clean your refrigerator. Also make sure you repair and restore items that need repairing and replacing. Pay special attention to fixing broken light bulbs, leaking taps, cracks on the wall, tears on your curtains and carpets. You might have to repaint the necessary parts in the walls that looks old or discoloured.


Take away the personal items and small trinkets you have hanging around in the house. Family photographs, photos of pets, any personal items you have stuck onto your fridge, potted plants are some such items you have to look out for. Taking these down will help the buyers to vision the life they will build inside the house. It might be difficult for you to look objectively at the house so hiring a professional who does home styling or staging in Sydney for properties will help you out. They will help you to make the house ready for sale as they know what most buyers expect to see when they visit the house.

Once you have completed all these steps, your house will look fabulous and be ready for the sale. Make sure you keep your pets controlled and it is recommended that you leave the house when the buyers arrive and let your agent handle the situation.

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