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What to Look Out for with Building Inspections Adelaide


When having building inspections Adelaide conducted for your potential home, there are a few things you should be looking out for to ensure that the property is safe and liveable.

Precise Building Inspections consists of a team of qualified building inspectors Adelaide. We would like to share with you some of the things you need to be aware of when purchasing a home.

Termite Problems

You won’t be able to tell yourself if a home has termites. There have been many advancements in terms of locating termites, yet they are difficult to find. If the home is built on stumps it is important to have the sub floor accessed and properly checked. All visible timbers have to be tested for hollowness and this includes the roof frame, internal timbers and floor frame. Moisture readings have to be conducted in wet areas of the home as active termites create a lot of moisture. Building inspectors Adelaide also have to check for thermal damaging as well as termtrac radar meter that can test for termites hidden behind the walls.

Drainage Problems

Drainage at any home should slope away from the property or contain adequate drains. A sloped block will have more damp or drainage issues as opposed to a flat block. Water cannot flow toward the house or underneath. Downpipes must be connected to ensure no water flow into the footings of the property as well as the home’s foundations. Drains should also be clear of debris.


Qualified building inspections Adelaide will check that the boundaries are properly in place. You may also require a land surveyor who can see that the boundary is in order. Sometimes, boundaries intrude over to the neighbouring property and this can cause problems. A good conveyancer or solicitor can help with this issue.

External Walling

Many old homes contain masonry wall cracking. Some cracking may be minor but often major, causing structural damage to the home. Many people locate cracking in a property and think it is a big problem when it may be minor, so you need to understand the severity of the specific problem. Rising game can be a common problem in older brick properties. When inspecting the property, ensure that the home is free from rising damp including salt residue on the walls, brick mortar fretting as well as paint flaking.

Building inspectors Adelaide will check that weatherboard homes contain extensive bowling or unevenness. This may indicate a stumping issue, such as rotten stumps. This can also mean that there was movement as a result of the rot and stumps that have been re-stumped with nothing straightened.

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