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Caring for Evergreens and Shade Trees


Trees play an important role in our life. They produce the oxygen we breathe and keep the environment clean. With a few steps, you can give some love back to the tree that gives you so much. Home plants and flowers are way easier to maintain than landscape and large trees growing in your garden or back yard. Here are a few tips.

Water And Sunlight

These are the basic food for greens. Water your plants when necessary. Read and get to know what type of plant you are growing and how much water it needs. If you live in an area where there is little or no rain, keep watering your plants. For outdoor plants, sprinklers could be installed and used on a timely basis but no matter what type of plant, overwatering it also could bring about bad consequences. Like a human body plants need water to stay alive.  Similarly the growing cycle can not be completed without sunlight. Make sure the plants have enough access to the sun and are kept in a breathable environment,

Chop, Trim And Remove

Outdoor trees need more care. They need to be trimmed for leaves gone bad and in worse cases chopped till their trunks so that they can grow back even more beautiful than they were. There are many experts who do tree removal in Brisbane. Cutting off an entire tree mostly is a result of ignorance to the landscape or poor care of the trees which lead to animals hollowing the trunks making the trees dead and weak from the inside.


When planting a new tree necessary precautions have to be taken with the soil. Make sure the soil is fertile or use fertiliser to support the existing trees. Fertilisers have to be natural and free from pesticides and insecticides for healthier trees. Having artificial fertilisers could result in trees dying faster or insects swarming your gardens and eating the fruits, vegetables and even flowers that grow on them.  Adding mulch around young trees helps them to grow better


In cities where winter is gruesome, special care has to be taken of the trees outside.  In many cases tree trunks are covered in film or a plastic cover is installed to protect the moisture and keep them from splitting. This would also keep away the small animals looking to find shelter by nibbling into the trunks of such trees. Flowers and fruits blooming before winter need to be taken care of so that they do not catch the early frost from the coming season. 

On the contrary in summer they need to be looked out for spider, mites and worm infestation.

Every tree has its own character and caring for it could benefit you in return.  Keep it safe from lawn equipment, hazards and chemicals and you are good to go. Gather a lot of information on how your tree grows and you could be surprised by how little time it takes you to care for it. Happy growing.

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