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Livewith Style in Your New Home


It is no secret that home design has evolved with time. When you are planning your new house or thinking of giving it a makeover, you will come across many different styles that are both beautiful and trendy. But how to choose the style that fits you the most. Take a look at below to see four main areas that helps to decide your house style.

Choose Your Design

If you already have an idea about the design you are going to have, then you can start with there. But if you don’t, you can simply look up some modern house designs to find a one that catches your eye. You can also talk to designers and architects in Strathfield to help you in choosing designs. Most modern house styles lean more towards minimalist and functional styles. However, it is up to you to decide how to incorporate various elements from the windows to the floors, in your house.

Think of the Function

The functionality of the house is another thing that you have to focus on. Most of us do the mistake of choosing a house without thinking of the function. When determining this, there are a few things you need to consider. Why do you need this new house or why are you redesigning your house? What is your lifestyle, do you have pets? Do you have kids or elderly people in the family whose safety needs to be considered when constructing the house? – these are some of the questions you can ask yourself before choosing a design that is also functional.

Choose Your Colours Wisely

The colours of your home tell a lot. Not just about your personality or your lifestyle but also about the style you have chosen. Most of the modern houses carry neutral colours with bold accents ad would hardly use multi coloured or pastel colour palettes.

However, you can add a little personal touch to your house by choosing a colour or two to the neutral colour palette and give it a uniqueappearance. Here are some of the examples for modern colour palettes which you can use to get inspiration from; cream and brown, brown and ivory, white and charcoal, yellow, white and grey and blue and white.


Although we do not think of lights as a part of the style, they play a big role in emphasising the style you have chosen. Lights are also an important aspect in many modern house designs so you need to be careful when choosing your lighting. Some of the common lighting ideas include pin lights, up lights, wall lamps, or dim lights. These lights can not only help to provide enough lighting to your house but can also be used to create a cosy and homely vibe.

When choosing the lights, you also have to think of their function in each place separately. For example, while dim lights can provide an aesthetic look, they will not be suitable for an office room. The lights you use for a bedroom will not suit your dining room. Therefore, consider the function of the lights you are choosing when adding lighting fixtures to your place.

While there are so many options to choose from when you are shopping for materials for your house or choosing the right styles, not all of them will fit right for your house. So, make sure to consider the things like the function, your lifestyle together with your styles and preference before choosing.

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